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"Cyborg" Participates in Vienna Film Festival

28 Jun 06, Apple Daily, Taiwan

Rain's debut movie "I'm a Cyborg but that's OK" is already 70% completed, and has confirmed participation in the Venice Movie Festival which will be held in August. When he heard the news, he was both nervous and excited. He said happily, "Although I am confident about my acting, the very thought of going through strict critique by international movie critics makes me so nervous but palms are all sweaty! I hope my performance will receive recognition."

Acting as a Cyborg in the new movie
"Cyborg" is a romantic comedy directed by famous Korean director, Park Chan Wook. He won the Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival for the film "Oldboy", and his "Sympathy for Lady Vengence" was short-listed as a candidate for the Venice Film Festival Competition, pushing Lee Young Aae into the realms of international movie. Rain plays the part of a cyborg who can steal people's souls in the movie "Cyborg", and has a dreamy relationship with co-actress Im Soo Jung. The movie is due to screen in Korea this December.

Credit: RainHK// jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Rain attends protest - Rain will attend gathering on policy to reduce mandatory domestic movie screening days as an actor

28 Jun 06, Innolife
Credit: Rainhk// jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Artiste Rain(Jeong Jihoon) plans to attend, as a movie actor, the protest gathering against Korean government's plan to reduce the mandatory days for screening of domestic movies in theaters.

Rain will be attending the gathering at University road and Kwanghwamun together with Im Soo Jung and Director Pak Chan Wook, whom he is currently working with together on movie "I'm a Cyborg but that's Ok". 10,000 people are expected to turn up at this gathering.

This mega-event was set up because the government will be reducing the mandatory days for screening of domestic movies in theaters as of 1st July. A member of the committee which is organising the gathering says " Rain will be attending the gathering at University Road, and proceeding with the protesting parade towards Kwanghwamun", "In addition, at 7pm that night, there will be an autograph session with Jang Dong Gun, Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Jun Ki at Kwanghwamun Park."

This day, a decision-making meeting will be held at 5pm at University Road. There after, there will be a protest march from 6pm to 7pm from University Road to Kwanghwamun. The autograph session if from 7 to 7.30pm at Kwanghwamun Park, and cultural activities are estimated to be held from 8pm to 11.30pm.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rain, Boa Releases Single on the Same Day in Japan - Declare the Battle of Stars

26 June 06, Starnews
Journalist Kim Won Kyom Reports

Asia Pop Sensation, Rain, and Star of Asia Boa will kick off their battle of the stars in Japan.

Rain and Boa will both release their Japanese single on the 9th August, hence marking the battle of position on the Oricon Chart.

This is the Rain's third single after he released "Sad Tango" on 25th Jan and "Freeway" on the 7th of this month.

Although the single has yet to be named, the music is very suitable to the style of Japanese, making fans look forward to it even more.

Rain's first single was number 11 on the Oricon Chart on the day it was released.

His second single was placed on number 9.

Boa's new single will be her 20th single release. This song is the OST for animated movie "Over the Hedge" (Japanese Version), "Key of Heart". The movie also features her voice, earning her the honour of red carpet walk during the movie premier.

Boa held a fan-meeting on the 24th, her 5th anniversary since she made her debut in Japan. All the CDs released secured top positions on the Oricon Chart. "Key of Heart" also includes the song which is used in the commercial for her endorsed cosmetic brand. She hopes the album can take the number one position on the Oricon Chart.

From serial drama "Sangdoo, let's go to school" and the Budokan Concert, to his first Japanese single release, Rain's popularity has been shooting high within a short period of time. With the simultaneous release singles from top star Boa, the Japanese music market will be even hotter this summer because of them.

Formerly in January, Boa and Rain had released their singles, Boa's 18th single, "Atlantis Princess", and Rain's debut single, "Sad Tango", one week apart from each other.

Kr to Ch: liusu33
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Rain Celebrates Birthday with JY Park and Crew Members

26 Jun 06 Chosun Daily/ Starnews

Asian Star, Rain, had a mini celebration with Park Jin Young and staff members of JYPE.

It's Rain's 24th birhtday on the 25th. This day, around 8pm, Rain celebrates his birthday at a restaurant in Seoul, Shinsa-dong, with Park Jin Young and more than 10 other staff members from JYPE including his dancers and manager.

Those who attended the party said Rain, who had his party on a Sunday night when the restaurant had the most customers, signed autographs one by one for more than 20 fans who were eating nearby.

At around 10 am that day, Rain was at a Studio in Seoul, Kangnam, doing a photoshoot with Im Soo Jung for "Cyborg"'s publicity posters, so he did not manage to have his traditional kelp soup, a birthday must-have for Koreans, at the start of the day. Fortunately, the soup at the gathering that night happened to be kelp soup, and that marked the beautiful conclusion to his birthday.

Rain's movie is scheduled to wrap up next month. He'll begin recording for his 4th album officially in August.

Credit: Biwithrain// jinlees@soompi
Kr to Ch: Irbi@biwithrain
CH to Eng: Rayndrop

Rain’s Chinese Fans’ ‘Donation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells as Birthday Present’ Moves China

Translated by prlttr of
June 23, 2006

6월 25일 생일을 맞이하는 비의 중국 팬들의 뜻 깊은 선물이 공개되어 화제가 되고 있다.
A meaningful present was made public by Chinese fans of Rain who has his birthday June 25 neat at hand, which is being the talk of the town.

'봉헌애심'이라는 활동을 펼쳐 온 팬들은 25일 북경 중국조혈줄기세포 기증은행과 적십자 혈액은행을 방문, 관련 강의를 듣고 희망자에 한하여 조혈줄기세포를 기증하는 뜻 깊은 시간을 갖기로 했다.
The fans, who have kept activities named ‘Bongheon-Aesim (Dedication and Affection)’ plans on a meaningful time of visiting on 25th Pecking’s Chinese Donation Bank for Hematopoietic Stem Cells and the Red Cross Blood Bank, listening to the relevant lectures, and any hopers only donating hematopietic stem cells.

이 같은 활동 소식이 전해지면서 많은 팬들이 적극적으로 활동에 참여하고 싶은 의사를 밝히고 있다고 현지 언론들은 전했다.
With the news of this activity spreading, a lot of fans expressed their active participation in the activity, according to the local press.

전문가에 따르면 중국은 현재 조혈줄기세포이식 수술을 기다리고 있는 환자가 백만명을 넘고, 해마다 4만이상의 백혈병 환자들이 증가하고 있는 상황으로 그중 50%이상이 아동 환자라고. 특히 '한 가정 한 자녀' 정책을 법적으로 규제하고 있기 때문에 이번 기증활동이 더 큰 의미를 갖는다고 할 수 있다.
Experts say, China has 1 million patients waiting for surgeries of hematopoietic stem cells transplant at the present. Each year, more than 40000 new cases of leukaemia are developing. More than 50% out of them is child patients. Because law provides the One-Child Policy in China, this activity of donation means a lot more, it can be said.

"수많은 연예인들이 팬들과 함께 생일파티를 하지만, 생명을 구할 수 있는 생일 선물은 아마 비가 처음일 것"이라고 전하며 "이번 활동이 새로운 기록을 창출해 주기를 기원 한다"고 덧붙였다.
“Many entertainers have birthday parties with their fans. But Rain’s may be the first to propose a present for life,” they said, adding, “We pray this activity will create a new record.”

Sunday, June 25, 2006

[연예]가수 비 '스물 네번째 생일 맞아 만족한 하루'

Can anyone translate this news clip. Its the latest I got from Rain.

(서울=스포츠코리아) "스물 네번째 생일, 가족과 함께 조용하게 보내려고 합니다."

아시아를 뛰어넘은 '세계의 스타' 가수 비가 25일로 24번째 생일을 맞았다.

비는 지난달 28일 일찌감치 생일파티를 겸한 팬미팅을 가져 정작 생일날인 25일엔 특별한 스케줄 없이 조용히 보낸다는 계획이다.

비의 소속사 측 관계자도 "생일과 관련해 소속사 측이나 팬들과 정해진 계획은 없고 아마 가까운 친구나 가족과 함께 보내는 것으로 알고 있다"고 전했다.

비의 이런 계획에도 불구하고 비의 '조이홈피'에서는 열성팬들의 생일 축하 메시지가 답지하고 있다.

국내 네티즌들은 물론이고 그동안 활동했던 중국 대만 홍콩 등 해외팬들도 생일을 축하해 조용하지만, 만족스런 하루를 보내고 있다는 후문이다.(홍헌영/

[저작권자ⓒ스포츠코리아(, 제보 및 보도자료]

[ 기사제공 ] 스포츠코리아 | 스포츠코리아 기사보기

Joyplace - Rain's new homepage

Link to Rain's new homepage :

Link to Joyplace @ JYPE

JYPE encourages you to leave Rain a Birthday Message at Joyplace

╬хЁГго╪╪©Д. cloudmasterют╢о╢ы.
Hi Everybody, I'm the Cloudmaster

6©Ы 25юо ╨Яюг 25╧Ьб╟ ╩Щюою╩ ╦бюл го©╘ ©╘╥╞╨пюг ╩Щюо цЮго ╦Юф╝╦╕ аВа╒ ╨Яюг а╤юлх╗гг "fanletter" ╧Ф©║ юш╪╨ю╩ гь аж╫ц╦И ╨Я╟║ аВа╒ ╢Я╠шю╩ ╢ч╬ф ╣Е╦Ё╢о╢ы.^^
25th June is Bi's Birthday. Please leave a birthday message fro Rain at his Joy Homepage. Rain will also answer these messages directly!

©╘╥╞╨пюг юГд║юж╟М юГ╧лЁ╜ ╩Щюо цЮго ╦Юф╝ ╠Б╢К го╟з╫ю╢о╢ы.
We will be anticipating everybody's interesting birthday messages

╨Яюг ╢Я╠шю╩ ╧чю╦╫ц╢б гЮ©Нюг ажюн╟Ью╨ ╢╘╟║ ╣г╫гаЖ.....?
Who will be the lucky winner of the letter which Rain answers directly to?

╦╧ю╨ ╨п╣Июг бЭ©╘ ╨не╧ ╣Е╦╝╟з╫ю╢о╢ы. ╟╗╩Ггу╢о╢ы.
Everybody please participate enthusiastically!

║ь фр╥║ем юш╪╨╧Щ
How to write Fan Letter:
1. Choose Rain on the "fan letter" of your personal homepage and then leave your beautiful message

2. After you have left your message, remember to check the fan letter section at Rain's Homepage to ascertain that your Fan Letter has been pasted there.

3. If Rain answers after reading your letter, his reply will also show up on your Joy Homepage's Fan Letter section.

Anything unclear?


а╕╦Я : [╩ЩцЮ] ║Ф╡ю ╠Бют гь аж╪╪©Д^^
Mainpage:[Birthday Wishes] Please reply!

Credit: Biwithrain// Baidu
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Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Byul talks about FH and Bi

Internet Fan: Was the song matched with the TV drama before it came out, or after it came out?

Star: There’s so much to say about this song, actually when Rain finally decided to film KBS Fullhouse, this song was created especially for the drama. The song was already complete, it was just a matter of who was going to sing it. Since I am Rain’s junior, it was logical that I should participate in the drama as well. Rain put a lot of effort into the filming of Fullhouse, and I had high expectations for him so I decided to help and motivate him. Everyone thought that by singing it would support the drama and it was natural to support my senior, Rain as well. That’s why during that time I didn’t think too much and I never thought that this song would be so loved by everyone especially since I only sang to support Rain. I never thought that after the drama was aired, this song was not only popular in China, but also very popular in other Asian countries. This song brought a lot of happiness to my singing career, it’s a very lucky song.

Host: It doesn’t matter if it’s in China or Korea, we know that Rain is a very international artist. Being his junior must mean that you interact a lot with him. Do you think Rain’s character in Fullhouse is similar to him in real life?
Star: I myself have become a fan of this drama and I’ve watched it before. Rain was mainly easily hated, arrogant and didn’t care much about the people around him in the first part of the drama. These traits are especially different from Rain. After Rain falls in love with Song Hye Gyo in the drama, he treats his girlfriend (SHG) very well (note: in the drama only! not real life), everyone around him thought that this personality was very similar to his personality in real life. Rain usually looks like he doesn’t have much to talk about so he appears to be very cool. However, when he’s with his close friends, he changes a lot and he looks after his friends very well.

Host: When you left the company, was Rain upset about it? Did you two say goodbye?

Star: Actually, transferring to a new company doesn’t necessarily mean that you completely strip off all communications with your old company. My broker’s manager went off to open a new office and it turns out that the old office originally had a lot of connections with other companies, also the old office was already co-operating with JYPE in a lot of activities, so the relationship was very close. Even now there’s a lot of things that we need help with from JYPE and a lot of things that needs JYP’s support; including some overseas activities. The overseas part will probably involve working more with JYP on projects. Although I have left JYPE, Rain and I still go to the same beauty parlor, so when I go to do facials, I sometimes see him there. This time I went when my 3rd album was released and I saw Rain there curling his hair, I gave him my new CD. Rain was very supportive of my 3rd album’s activities.

Credits: CloudChina//jinlees@soompi
Chi to Eng: michi@sexybi

Rain will concentrate on Music rest of the year

From the end of March up until now, apart from attending short term overseas activities, Rain mainly stayed at Pusan to film his first movie - Director Pak’s ‘Cyborg Love’. The first half of this year, Rain who has completed his movie filming for ‘Cyborg Love’, will once again plan his Asia Tour Concert activities.

Rain will first of all launch his first Japanese album in August. He has released his 2nd Japanese single ‘Free Way’ this month (July) which successfully made it’s way to position 9 on the charts. After the first album hits the markets, Rain will hold many advertising activities in Japan, officially breaking into the Japanese market. Rain’s managing company JYPE expressed, ‘The preparation and work for the first Japan album is almost finished, after the release, Rain will stay longer and advertise more in Japan compared to the previous two single releases.’

After Rain releases his 4th Korean album, he will begin his Asia Tour showcase in Seoul. After JYP helps Rain advertise his 4th album in Korea, the Asia Tour will begin at the end of the year, Rain will carry on his world tour until next year’s April. He will hold 35 concerts in 11 countries: Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. This will result to him becoming the representative singer of Asia.

Kr to Chi: Irbi @╨Яwith Rain
Chi to Eng: michi@sexybi

Here's the Weather Report for today:

There will be:

RAIN of Blessings (because its Rain's Birthday)
Winds of Joy,
Fogs of Peace,
Dews of Love,
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and Blossoms of God's grace
A nice and peace Sunday Morning to all Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSENG-EEL CHOOKA HAMNEEDA BI !!!!!!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHope you have a very happy and fruitful birthday celebration on this special day of yours. My birthday wish for you, lots of happiness, continued success, lots of love and care from the LOVE of YOUR LIFE. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

You have achieved almost anything under the sun in your life, I just hope that this time you will succeed in the only thing that is most important thing in your life right now, A FAMILY LIFE. I know somehow you already found that special someone in your life, BE HAPPY and LOVE each other like it is always the last time you will show each other your LOVE. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Be STRONG and TRUST each other, there will problems along the way but the LOVE that you have for each other will be the only factor that will keep you together. RESPECT each others opinion, remember you're still 2 different persons. Be HAPPY! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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RAINS NEW LOOK \\will love Rain no matter how he looks//

This is what I like about Rain, no matter how he looks, he will always be the Rain that put himself in his role. Others may find it nerdy, but I dont care, knowing how Rain put all his energy into his character, I commend him for it.

For those who try to bash him this is all I can say to them, shut up. We gain nothing by listening to what you say, nobody is companring anybody, you are the one comparing Rain to whoever you want to compare him to. Please note that the reason why some of us, particularly me, dont like Junki is because of the people who support him and then go around bashing Rain. To think you are former Rain Fanatics.

Image Hosted by

Rain Receives an Airline Ticket of Birthday Present from Fans in Singapore 비, 생일맞아 싱가폴팬 항공권 선물받아

"비, 싱가폴에 꼭 와주세요."
“Please, Rain, don’t forget to come to Singapore”

아시아의 스타 비가 25일 생일을 맞아 싱가폴의 열성 팬들로부터 싱가폴행 항공기 티켓을 선물받았다.
On his birthday of June 25th, an Asian star Rain was offered a present of an airline ticket to Singapore from passionate fans in Singapore.

비의 싱가폴 팬클럽인 '레인싱가폴닷컴'은 "오는 25일 비의 생일을 맞아 방문을 염원하며 항공 티켓과 선물을 21일 우편으로 발송했다"고 밝혔다.
Rain’s Singapore fan club ‘’ said, “In wishes for Rain’s visitation someday, they sent an airline ticket and presents by postal mail on last June 21st, commemorating his birthday of coming 25th.”

싱가폴 팬클럽에서 비에게 선물한 항공권은 약 3천300달러(싱가폴 달러) 상당의 비즈니스 좌석이다.
The airline ticket a Singapore fan club presented to Rain is a business seat worth some 3300 by Singapore dollars.

이와 함께 축하 메시지를 담은 동영상 CD와 비행기 모형, 입체 카드를 동봉해 비의 생일에 맞춰 받아볼 수 있도록 우편 발송했다고 팬클럽측은 전했다.
Along with it, they said they enclosed a moving image CD, a model airplane and a stereographic card by postal mail so that Rain may see them by the time of his birthday.

'레인싱가폴닷컴'의 대표 스테파니 로(32)는 "우리는 비가 싱가폴에 꼭 와주길 바란다"면서도 "반드시 와달라는 말이 아니라 티켓을 보냄으로써 싱가폴의 팬들이 얼마나 비를 원하는지 보여주고 싶었습니다.
The representative of ‘’ Stephanie Ro(32) spoke of their earnest desire, “In a way not pressing on him to come, we liked to express how much Singaporean fans wanted Rain by sending the ticket.

설사 오지 못하더라도 작은 나라인 싱가폴에 사는 많은 팬들이 얼마나 그를 사랑하는지 알려주고 싶습니다"며 간절한 소망을 전했다.
Even if he couldn’t come, we’d like to let him know how much a lot of fans in a small country Singapore love him.”

레인싱가폴닷컴의 산드라 테일러(52)는 "비는 웃으면 눈이 사라지는 귀여움과 함께 다른 가수나 배우들에게는 없는 카리스마가 있다"며 "특히 스테이지에서 관중을 빨아들이는 소용돌이 같은 힘이 있어 콘서트에서 그를 만나는 것이 너무 좋다"고 비에 대한 깊은 애정을 드러냈다.
A member of, Sandra Taylor(52) expressed her deep affections for Rain, “Rain has a charisma not to be found in other singers, along with his cuteness in which his eyes disappear while smiling. Especially, his spiral power that absorbs his audience on the stage makes me fond all the more of meeting him on a concert.”

또다른 회원 링 추아 윌(32)은 "그간 아시아에서 열렸던 비 콘서트에 모두 참가했었다"며 "이번에는 싱가폴 차례다"며 비의 방문을 강력 희망했다.
Another member Ling Chua Will(32) uttered a strong hope on Rain’s visit, “So far, I’ve been to every concert of Rain held in Asia. This time, the turn is Singapore.”

아시아 정상의 스타로 우뚝 서 각국 팬들의 사랑을 받고 있는 비는 현재 박찬욱 감독의 영화 '싸이보그지만 괜찮아'를 촬영 중이다.
Having been loved by fans from each country as a top star prominent in Asia, Rain is currently shooting ‘I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Okay,’ the movie directed by Park Chanwook.
Link to the Korean news article :

Translated by prlttr of
June 21, 2006

REvamped Official JYPE website

Rain’ agency JYP has renovated their official Web site, and video clips of Rain which have never open to the public have been unveiled. The hit rating of online on the media sources hit all time high during 3 days after release, according to the press. Rain spends his time on uploading his photos and answering to fan’s comments in a mini homepage of the site. For those who are interested in the newly-designed site, please refer to the below link:

Official site:


Song Hye-kyo to Release Video Album (2006/06/21)

Top star Song Hye-kyo, who has been pursuing her dream of becoming a "hallyu queen" in Japan, will introduce her large-scale video album in December.

The announcement has drawn the spotlight as a promising new project that could set off another Korean Wave.

Entertainment company Starm Planning said on June 21 that Song's video album, whose shooting has wrapped up recently, will hit the Japanese market in December.

The agency is also the organizer of singer Rain's Asian tour of 11 nations.

A person from the company said that the company has been putting finishing touches on Song's album to cater to Japanese customers, and will refine the photos for about two or three months even after developing the film to ensure perfect quality.

He also added that the photos have received a favorable response for featuring the actress in an elegant way.

The photos were taken from last month for over 20 days in countries in three continents Including Patagonia, Argentina, the United States, France and the Netherlands, against scenic backdrops.

The album is slated for release in time for the airing of the TV series "Full House", which stars Song, in Japan, as well as the actress's new movie. It aims to elevate Song's status to that of a next-generation hallyu star on par with actor Bae Yong-joon and will test Song's chances of succeeding in Japan.

A person from the showbiz industry said Japan was an important market culturally and industrially as the homeland of the Korean Wave, or hallyu, which explains celebrities' increased advancement to the Japanese market these days.

Recently, several South Korean actresses, including Son Ye-jin, Lee Yeon-hee and Hwang Sin-hye, have been trying their luck in Japan through TV dramas, commercials and workout DVDs.

Attention is focused on whether Song will be able to beat her high-profile rivals to emerge as the "queen of hallyu" in Japan.

Starm Planning will soon release several photos from Song's video album.

Source : ( English)
HanCinema e-zines

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Walking Towards the World Stage

"Me? I've never thought of becoming better than anyone"
"Must remember 6 years ago"

Singer Rain, 24 and chosen as part of TIME 100, has the above messages written on the screen of his handphone. That night when he was walking down the red carpet during the NY TIME 100 Party, he suddenly recalled the times when he was a trainee 6 years ago.

27th, in the Seoul office of JYPE. Bi, who is walking in large strides towards the world stage, has a happy smile on his lips.

"My smile recently seems to be very hypocritical." When you are enjoying too much popularity, you tend to be proud and conceited. But this smile and straightforwardness, makes me feel at peace just as per usual.

You have to be very careful when performing on stage, don't you?

"Frequenting the Asian entertainment sector, after being chosen to be in the TIME 100 list, I feel there's really not much changes, except that I'm living in English-speaking countries. When I was in my teenage years, I didn't learn English well, and I'm regretting it now. So now I'm working hard on my English."

"The expectations of people around me have increased. For a better stage and better songs, I keep pushing myself. Now, everyday is the extension of chances non-stop!"

To build your self on honesty and desire, isn't that very tiring? "It is very tiring, I guess!" A sentence that holds so much meaning. Not in a depressed way, but because he has found a way to enjoy his job.

Rain "I've never thought of becoming better or more outstanding that anybosy; neither have I thought of outshining anyone. This attitude is very odd. However, when I am onstage and in front of the camera, I naturally feel that I am the best. At that moment, I am not me." *Smile*

"Please do not believe in untruthful rumours"

In the past few days, the stock value of Rain has been going up. His contract fee has gone up to 10-15 billion won. Rain's contract terms with JYPE will be up next year May. From the beginning of this years, rumours of him hopping to another company has been non-stop. The outside parties all have their versions of a story to tell, but the person in question does not say a word.

"Some say that I contacted many companies secretly. That is not true. It troubles me that there are so many people spreading rumours. I still have a year's contract with JYPE, so there are no conclusive answers now. As for Dad contacting many other agencies, that is also an untruthful news. Father and I do not interfere in each other's work."

Your contract fee is 10-15 billion won. What are your thoughts about these figures? "10 Billion won you said? I feel really happy of course, but they are just like bubbles. Because the Asian market influences my entry into the US market, everybody has got high expectations on me. With regards to this meaning, I feel burdened. Now, I only want to think about my work."

His schedule is full all the way until next year. Rain is now filming "I'm a cyborg, is that ok?" dorected by Pak Chan Wook. His fourth album is scheduled for release on 15 Oct, and his 5-months Asia Concert Tour to 11 different countries will kick off in December. His entry into US has been postponed to next year.

"I feel that the market structure in Asia is key to entering the US market systematically. If I can amass sufficient popularity in Asia, then it will be easier for me when I enter the US market. Hence, my Asia COncert Tour is the foundation to my entry into the US market. I will definitely go into the US market by mid next- year.

Rain and Director Pak relieves stress with Soju

Recently, Rain has become a Pusan man because he is filming his first movie, "I'm a Cyborg, Is that ok?" directed by Pak Chan Wook. ALmost 55% of his time is spent in that place. The day of interview Rain just finished his Fan-meeting at GwangUn University, and will be heading back to Pusan after the interview.

"The movie is based mostly in an asylum. The male actor meets a girl who is kinder than anyone he knows, and he falls in love," he said laughing. This could be a very romantic love comedy.

Talking about Director Pak who he is working with for the first time, Rain said, "He is a very charismatic leader. He has the looks and the capabilities. He is somebody who has a deep understanding of the knowledge of movies. When I feel very stressed up, I'll have a cup of soju with director to release stress. Im Soo Jung, who is like an elder sister, is very amiable as well. She is a senior who can make you feel very comfortable."

When he has time, he prepares for his 4th album. Other JYP, there are also other composers invited to participate in this project.

"The 4th album is a piece of work which I have done my utmost best to complete. In this 4th album, I made many great changes both in terms of my style of music as well as the pictures in it. I, who have been showing the beauty of musculinity until now, will be presenting the neutral-gender look. It's a secret! *Smile

Journalist Lee Eun Jeng reports (
Credit: Biwithrain// jinlees@soompi

Caesars Palace seeks Rain

Las Vegas Invites Koreans With Direct Flights
By Kim Rahn
Staff Reporter

More Koreans are expected to visit Las Vegas, a quality destination of choice, along with the launch of direct flights between Seoul and the U.S. city, said Terry Jicinsky, senior vice president of marketing at Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

Jicinsky visited Korea Saturday on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the Visitors Authority’s Seoul office and the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Korean Air for stepped-up cooperation.

"Korea is one of the fastest growing markets for us, the fifth largest overseas market followed by the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and France,’’ the 43-year-old senior vice president said.

The authority does not have exact data about the number of Korean visitors to Las Vegas because it is difficult to track down travelers coming to the city by car, but estimates about 200,000 Koreans visit Las Vegas every year.

"And the introduction of the direct airline service will be able to increase the number significantly over the next two to three years,’’ he said.

Korean Air will operate three weekly non-stop flights to Las Vegas from Sept. 22. B777 aircraft with some 300 seats will carry passengers.

On Tuesday, the airline, the visitors authority, and the Nevada Commission on Tourism signed the MOU to jointly promote tourism to the city.

After Japan Airlines stops operations to Las Vegas in the fall, Korean Air will be the only carrier connecting Asia and the city. Thus, Jicinsky said he hopes Korean Air will bring not only Koreans but also other Asians to Las Vegas through connections with other Asian carriers.

In a promotion for the Korean market, the authority will focus on increasing people’s knowledge about Las Vegas as a resort destination, not only as a gambling venue.

"We will encourage people to learn more about our luxury resorts, restaurants, spa, golf courses, and entertainment options including world-renowned shows. We will create the image of Las Vegas being a luxury resort destination,’’ he stressed.

Las Vegas is also a gateway to the southwestern U.S., Jicinsky said. Those traveling to California, the Grand Canyon, Arizona desert, or many national parks there can fly to the city as a gateway and head for the destinations by car.

"The package of southwestern regions and Las Vegas will work very well in the Korean market,’’ he said.

Jicinsky also hinted that Korean entertainers may be able to perform at hotels of Las Vegas as a way to attract tourists from Korea and other Asian countries, and individual hotels are negotiating with individual entertainers.

"Caesars Palace is already talking to Rain, Korean musician, and his performance there may be possible in November or sometime next year. It is a matter of time before one of the hotels take the advantage of `hallyu’ and put that into the market,’’ he said.
Hallyu refers to a Korean pop culture boom overseas.

Caesers Palace also offered 400 room nights for a Korean production shooting a soap opera "Mr. Goodbye,’’ and it was the first time that the hotel invested that much.

As the No. 1 convention city in North America, Las Vegas continues to see business opportunity for Asian businesses to exhibit at trade shows there, such as CES, Jicinsky said.

"We are also trying to have a dream honeymoon trip by combining Las Vegas and Hawaii together. Also, we work with the embassy for special visa programs for Koreans, like visa waiver for honeymooners to Hawaii,’’ he said.

Jicinsky left Korea on Wednesday.

A Friends Concern

I don't know whether or not I should post this although I was able to ask my friend if its okay for her if I blog this here at my site.

This is a big shot and I know some might even think that we're strange or something but we've got to give it a shot since, we need to relay this message to the person concerned.

A friend of Paulette who is psychic, which according to her never fails in her vibes, felt something is wrong or in plain words felt something weird with the house Rain bought. According to Pau's friend, the house has a tragic past and he never should have even bought it in the first place. If he even enters the house, it will bring him terrible bad luck. She saw several spirits living in and lurking around the house, most of which are women. He will experience all kinds of bad luck and problems because the house is being housed also by evil spirits. She even said that BI should not set foot at this house as it would bring him bad luck if he does. It was suggested that he sells the house or donate it to some charity institution to break any bad spell lurking in the house.
To think that Pau's friend is not even a Rain Fan.

Can anyone help us get this message to him. If Rain has doubts about this, he can get a psychic to check on the house before he moves in. He won't lose anything by doing so. We are just concerned and being Rain Fans, we dont want anything bad to happen to him or for him to experience anything bad. He deserves to be happy and we just felt that we need to get this message to him. For those who would help thanks, but for those who thinks otherwise, just take this message with a grain of salt. We dont mean any harm or do we need anything from Rain, we only want to help.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Rain reveals that he is a jealous person. Will not tolerate infidelity from girlfriend

17 June 06
Tsao Dan/ Tokyo Fax/ Liberty News (Provided by King's Records)

South Korea pop sensation, Rain, held his fan-meeting become Free Way promotion event on the 15th at Budokan Stadium. In his reply to fans' questions, he admitted that he is the sort who will not allow his girlfriend to betray him, and is a man who is strongly possessive.

During the fan-meeting, Rain sang "Sad Tango", "Free Way", "Bad Guy" and "Instead of Saying Goodbye" etc Japanese and Korean songs. He also accepted the 25th Birthday Celebration Party organised by his fans for him. Rain, who has a sweet tooth, excitedly ate the cream on his huge cake with his hand.

If his girlfriend ditches him mala fide, he will look for a new girl

Rain mentioned that he is a very jealous person, and will not allow his girlfriend to betray him. He also shouted loudly to his Japanese fans, "You're not allowed to ditch me!" and admitted that he is loyal in love. If he breaks up with his girlfriend, he will surely be unable to recover from heartache within a short period of time. However, if his girlfriend ditches him mala fide, he will be so angry he'll look for a new girl instantly.

Before the fan-meeting, Rain attended a press conference. He was dressed in LV from top to toe, and used Japanese to tell everybody, "Japanese is really so difficult". When asked what is the chart ranking he hopes this new single will achieve, a rare smile appeared on his face and he said he was not anxious at all. He hopes to develop slowly in Japan, and plans to release another single in August, followed by his first Japanese album.

Consolidate the Asian Market before he develops in the US Market

Rain also expressed that even though he'll like to stay longer in Japan, he cannot neglect the other Asian countries. At present, he will place all his attention on the Asia Concert Tour, which he plans to bring to Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand etc. He also likened development in US to choking if you try to eat too fast. He reveals that he'll like to consolidate his foundation in the Asian markets, then plan for his development in the US.

Image Hosted by

Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fan's Account: Bodukan Birthday Party

Image Hosted by

Jihoon was in superb condition today. He was in a fantastic mood, and had so many facial expressions...So cute!!

At the beginning, the large screen played Jihoon's latest news

Eg: PSP game to be released in July; TV broadcast of this birthday party on 14th July; YSMM which will be aired in Japan soon.

Just as we were concentrating on the large screen, the white curtain on the stage fell with a large "BOOM" and dry ice smoke was released from the center of the stage.

We saw JH whom we haven't seen for a long time. He was wearing Jeans and a dark coloured coat.

Jihoon was wearing sunglasses. I quickly took out our light board. Perhaps it's too glaring? Xiaobai saw Jihoon frown. Probably thinking, why is that so glaring even when I'm wearing sunglasses! Then he looked at us for three seconds [Rayndrop: Actually, I think they set rules disallowing the raising of banners and lightboards... ]. Our lightboard said "CLOUD CHINA"!!

Jihoon started singing Sad Tango [Rayndrop: OMG...x_x]

Jihoon didn't dance much right at the start, but when it came to the solo part in the middle of the song, wow...Xiaobai and I were stunt and mezmorised by every movement. Every movement was done perfectly...very smooth indeed!

The funniest part is, Jihoon suddenly did a spilt, and the entire stadium cheered. But when he jumped up, he was a little unstable, so moved backwards a little. Perhaps he was unsatisfied with the fact that he couldn't stand firmly? So Sad Tango was ended was a spilt.

After singing Sad tango, he performed Free Way [Rayndrop: AHHHH~~~~]
He had so many facial expressions and kept doing those cute expressions. Jihoon's lips are so well-defined today...such nice lips..

Another One:

Fan's Account: Bodukan Birthday Party Pt 2
Credit: ca0825@cloud-taiwan
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Started off with Sad Tango and Free Way
The explosion effect at the beginning gave me a shock

The Q&A session in the middle was super cute:
If you have time for a holiday
1. to spend time with your family
2. Camp with your fans from all over the world
The host asked: Where would you like to go?

Bi's answer: Hot spring....[Rayndrop: Ermm... Hot Spring? Full Monty? Very unsafe for Jihoon...Hiak hiak hiak]

More later...

Bi is super funny today.
Oh yes, he thanked Taiwan Clouds! So touched...

Credit: Cloudchina// Cha Xiao Ni@ Baidu// Jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Pak Chan Wook: "Jeong Jihoon is a passionate and professional actor!"

15 June 05;

Director of movie "I'm a Cyborg, But that's Ok" praises Jeong Jihoon's passionate acting!

In order for actors to be able to get into their roles, Director Pak is not stingy when it comes to teaching the actors special acting techniques. During the filming, he looked at Jihoon and commented, "Jeong Jihoon is an actor who does not appear to be a newbie at acting. He is very professional, and when I look at him during filming, his amount of passion makes me wonder where does he get all these energy from." He continued, "Just a while ago he can be playing a mischieveous look, yet within 10 seconds, he can instantly become a character trying to hold his tears back. He has so much emotions."

In the movie, Jeong Jihoon plays the character Ilsun, a boy who goes around stealing people's personality and special traits for fear that his self will be extinguished one day. Jeong Jihoon, with his special hairstyle and the way he immerge himself into the role will show the audiences a new side of him which they have never seen before.

Having concluded "Sympathy for Lady Vengence" in his trilogy of Vengence series, Director Pak comes back with a brand new genre of movies. According to Director Pak, "I'm a Cyborg but that's OK" is a romantic comedy.

But while it is based on a love story between a guy and a girl, it is difference from the usual romantic comedies. Other than the best actors Im Soo Jung and Jeong Jihoon (Rain). the collaboration pattern between these two actors and Director Pak has made netizens very curious and looking forward to this movie.

Jeong Jihoon expresses "with regards to acting, I broke all the stereotypes I held", conveying his ambition in this piece of work. In addition, other than Director Pak, Jihoon also spent significant amount of time with his experienced co-stars, Oh Dal Soo (?) and Im Soo Jung, displaying his passion and feelings towards acting that is unlike that of others.

The movie "I'm a Cyborg but That's Ok" started filming on 29th March this year. At the moment, 70% of the filming has been completed. The filming is still in progress in Pusan.

"I'm a Cyborg but That's Ok" is a romantic comedy that describes a girl who thinks she's a cyborg, and a guy who thinks it's ok even if she's a cyborg. Filming is expected to conclude in July and scheduled to go on screen in December.

Credit: Blueberry@biwithrain// jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Friday, June 16, 2006

Full House's Song Hye-kyo sets foot in Japan

I know this site of mine contains Rain's latest news/update but i also would like to post news about Rain's friend Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The popular Korean actress, who starred with renowned Korean Wave star Rain in the drama "Full House", will be launching in Japan her photo books shot in Paris, Amsterdam, and New York.

Furthermore, her debut film, "My Girl and I", is also scheduled to open in Japan in August, for which Song will visit Japan and run a series of major promotional events.

Although there is yet to be a final schedule for her promotional tour, it is believed that Song will hold a press conference and meet her fans in Tokyo and Fukuoka.

Having become one of the leading Korean Wave luminaries with her performances in All In and Autumn Fairy Tale (also known as Autumn in my Heart), this is the actress's first time to be on a promotion campaign, thus attracting much interest from local audiences and officials.

With Song entry into Japan, everyone's wondering if the actress would finally emerge as the best Korean Wave star.

The Source : Koreacontent News Team
Source : ( English Korean )!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Rain and Christina in Pepsi Commercial

Image Hosted by

Sina Ent News
Journalist Tianya reports

Asian Megastar Rain and top pop singer Christina Aguilera sings together and appears jointly in commercial.

The two sings interlude song "Da Da Da" and appear together in Pepsi's CF which was aired on the 12th in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan with a football flim as background. Rain was selected by Pepsi to be their model in the Chinese speaking region last December.

The commercial is generally as such: A football match is about to start in a football stadium filled with audiences. Suddenly, a voice sings "Da Da Da", so all audiences turn their attention to the large screen. Suddenly, Christina, followed by Rain, jumps out, and the two started singing "Da Da Da".

The most interesting part of this commercial is that sitting among the audiences are French national footballer, Henri, Brazil national footballer, Ronaldinho, and other world-famous football stars.

After "Da Da Da", Rain hands Christina a Pepsi. Christina opens the can, and the commercial ends.

Although the two sing and appear in the commercial together, the recording and filming actually took place individually.

On the 13th, Rain's agency, JYPE expressed that Rain and Christina had planned to meet and record the song together, followed by filming of the commercial. However, due to schedule constraints, the plan did not come through.

Christina concluded her filming as early as February, while Rain finished his portion of filming and recording in Seoul last month. It is said that Christina saw the end product and was very satisfied. The commercial song "Da Da Da" which the Pepsi commercial was based on was written by female composer, Linda Perry. She also wrote one of Christina's hit song, "Beautiful".

At the same time, Rain will kick off his 11 countries "Rain World Tour" Concert in Seoul on the 14th this December. The production house for Rain's concert tour, Star Emplaning announced that part of the concert proceeds will be donated to charity purposes, such as campaigns against illiteracy.

Credit: jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Fan event in Bushido hall.20,000 tickets sold out

A pop singer's Rain (ƒs) holds a fan meeting in Nippon Budokan Hall on the 15 or 16th of this month. 20,000 tickets were sold out at the beginning of this month when sale was started. It is the 2nd time that Rain performs a fan event in Japan.

The fan meeting which served as a fan club's 's foundation event in Tokyo was held in April, last year. In spite of having been the first fan meeting in the situation which has not put an album on the market, either those days, 4000 persons thronged. This fan event is for publicizing the single "Free Way" of the 2nd sheet released in Japan.

This album ranked 9th in the single section of an Original Confidence daily chart on the 7th of this month of sale that day. Rain which has attended photography of a movie "OK although it is a cyborg" adjusted the photography schedule, and left it for Japan on the 13th today for PR of an album.

Translation by Tonyu by

Singer Rain to Perform to Repay Fans

Asian star Rain is keen on returning the love he has received from his Asian fans. He plans to donate part of proceeds from a concert tour of 11 Asian nations scheduled for December to those same countries through various donation programs.

“It won’t be a simple donation. Rain will involve himself in raising funds and developing donation programs that meet each nation’s needs,” Lee In-Kwang, the president of Star-M Planning, the performance agency in charge of Rain’s Asian tour, said during a phone interview with Yonhap News. “He is now considering building schools to fight illiteracy in China and some Southeast Asian nations, but detailed plans will be made available in September.”

This is not the first time that the top singer has tried helping Asian nations in need. Late last year, he cooperated with the Green Fund, an environmental organization, to build wells in several Asian nations suffering from the absence of proper water supply facilities. He donated all the proceeds from the sales of products promoting him. He will also participate in a Pepsi Cola-sponsored charity for Asian youths in need scheduled to be held in Hong Kong in November.

Meanwhile, a Pepsi commercial featuring Rain, who is Pepsi’s model for Chinese-speaking nations, and U.S. pop diva Christina Aguilera singing a song together against the backdrop of a soccer stadium has been released in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. His agency, JYP Entertainment, said that the two stars were so busy that they separately shot the commercial and recorded the song.

Rain will release his fourth album on Oct. 15 in Korea before embarking on his Asian tour on Dec. 14, which kicks off in Seoul.

KBS Global

Rain, Im Soo Jung, films kiss scene secretly end of this month

13 Jun 06, Star News
Journalist Jeong Hyeong Hwa reports

Hallyu star, Rain, and movie star, Im Soo Jung, who are acting in Director Pak Chan Wook's new movie, "Cyborg Love" will be filming their kiss scene in a secretive and heavily guarded place in Pusan end of this month.

Crew member of "Cyborg Love" revealed on the 13th that Rain has gone to Japan to promote his single today. He will return on the 20th and filming the kiss scene with Im Soo Jung.

According to this crew member, the kiss scene between Rain and Im Soo Jung will take place at an off-site location in Pusan. At the present, the production house is keeping mum about the kiss scene as well as the movie's storyline.

According to this crew member, "all member staff have been instructed not to reveal anything about the movie's storyline." In addition, "The kiss scene will be filmed in secret, and in no way will it take place under public circumstances."

"Cyborg Love" is the first movie collaboration between Cannes award winner Director Pak, and Pan-Asia Hallyu Star Rain, who is planning to enter the US market, and hence have become a topic of hot discussion. The movie talks about a boy who falls in love with a girl who thinks she's a cyborg. This movie is scheduled to make the screen during this year end.

Credit: rainhk// jinlees@soompi
Kr to Ch: irbi from £ªºñwith Rain£ª
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Moves of Rain

Credit: jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Rain's dance belongs to the street dance category. In particular, it's broken down into the following main components of street dancing: Popping, Locking, Wave. In between, there may be some House and Jazz styles. His specialty is really popping, followed by locking and wave. House appears in his dance moves pretty often and his dancing language is really quite varied. Within House, you'll find strong accents of latin dance and African tribe dance elements, such as shaking of shoulders, chest and butt etc. Such movements are more difficult, and requires more effort in executing. To a singer who dances as he sings, this is a great physical challenge, and even more so, a test of his ability to control his techniques. In other words, the force used in each movement and breath-control must be well monitored. Otherwise, he'll end up breathless, and probably not being able to hit the notes for his next line.

Generally, performers tend to avoid doing actions like that. Even if they do choose to do them, they'll select one or two movements to be incorporated into their performance, and they'll avoid doing the actions together. Instead, they'll use the movements interchangeably and avoid using them while singing, but execute them more during interludes. This ensures minimal chances of physical damage and is a much more stable and secure way to go. This is especially for LIVE performances, and even more so if it's a solo concert. But this kid plays plays with his limit too much. In order to please his audience, to add to the effects of his performances, to attract more attention and to get the recognition from his fans, he chose to hurt himself and go the risky way. Shaking his shoulders, his chest, his butt, plus the giant leap in the air...he squeezes all the difficult techniques into one routine. He even goes as far as singing as he execute these moves. He's really exerting homself to the utmost, and certainly achieving the shocking effect that he wants to achieve. He is one of the most hardworking, trying and professional artistes I've known, once again, shocking me very much. Although this is not something we should encourage, but his spirit is something worth learning. Come to think of it, it is no wonder he has such results to be proud of today. He is bold and courage with techniques above other. These are definitely qualities needed to achieve success.
source: RainSingapore

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Road for Rain *Korean Edition*

Notice from JYPE

They plan to publish "Road For Rain" Korea edition at the

end of June or in early July.

Probably, a selling price will be abt 70,000won KR.
The contents of a photo book is identical to Japan edition.

Full particulars will be announced later.
Thank you.

Thanks to Raina@Rain's Scent

PureKoreanFasion 2006 June - Rain’s gossip world

Rain started the Korean male plastic surgery trend.
Plastic surgeons claim that more and more Korean guys want to have abdominal and pectoral muscles like Rain[I have no idea how plastic surgery can help that].Plastic surgery to make yourself more beautiful is common in korea.

Rain’s ideal wedding
Rain:”mmm, I don’t have a specific plan yet, I hope to meet a simple, kind girl and live happily. About wedding ceremony, it doesn’t have to be (big and) splendid, I will only invite close friends, simple ceremony is enough.”

Rain is super responsible in his career.
Rain works hard at his acting. In “Sangdoo go to School”, no matter it’s fall down from the top of the building or jump into water from 6M high cliff, he all insisted to perform personally, his responsible working attitude is admired by all.

Rain’s beauty tip revealed: wash face often and sleep well
Female fans are most interested in Rain’s nice skin[That is VERY true, I like his skin very much]. Rain says,”I don’t take care of my skin in any special way regularly, but I wash my face often and keep skin clean. ” When taking a vacation, Rain sleeps to relax himself [haha so cute], he smiles and says,”last year during new years vacation he went to the US and he had slept for over 25 hours!”

Rain likes Utada Hikaru[spelled correctly?] most among Japanese artists
To understand Japan music, Rain often listens to Japanese singers’ CD as homework. He reveals,”I listen to Utada Hikaru’s English album the most” and from her many albums he earned lots of inspiration for his performance.

When Rain acts, call him Jung Jihun
A name change trend arose among the korean entertainment and superstar Rain also gave up his artist name and use his real name. In Full House he used his real name but he doesn’t want to change his name totally, when he is singer he is Rain and when he is actor he is Jung Jihun. But many fans don’t have that good a memory so everyone still likes to call him Rain.

Rain is interested in learning Japanese
Rain officially entered the Japanese music business last year, and the album he released in Japan includes a Japanese song”I do”. He liked Japanese originally and had learned Japanese from a korean who stayed in Japan before. But, although interested, Japanese tone is hard to learn so when he was recording the song he is a little troubled. In Japanese he likes “I love you”[Aishidelu] and “Sushi” these two words.

Rain’s self evaluation
Rain”I think I am a really short tempered person and I ask for perfect in all things from big to small, so actually it is hard to work with me. I think my most charismatic feature is my lips because I don’t have to put on anything and it will be red[and juicy]. In everyday life, I like to watch movies, listen to music, play snowboard and am interested in fashion. I frequently collect clothing and shoes, and everyday wear I will add some accessories for complement, to make myself more noticeable, I quite like that. I like the combination of black and white, like white jacket and black T, and in private I also wear relaxed outfit like jeans and shirt, I tend to go for less formal outfits.”

Girls that Rain like
About the type of girls he is into, Rain says”Before I liked more pure and simple girl but it is different now. Girls who are tender, understanding, honest and smart gets his heart.”

The origin of the artist name Rain
Because he like rainy days. If there is something troubling him or when he feels down, he will go out for a ride on a rainy day and listen to music at the same time. Also because his real name is common he wants a name everyone can easily remember, so he chose Rain. He hopes not only Korean fans can rememeber also fans in whole asia can also remember.

Even if non-employed you want him as your guy poll
Rain won first place at 27%. Reasons include “Just looking at his face makes me happy””His smile is beautiful””His eyes seems to tell me, even if he is unemployed he can do home chores well”[very true][I hope I got this part correct the Chinese was a little wierd]

Rain goes to graduate school and paparazzi is his inspector of school work
Not only does Rain has to avoid paparazzi when he is shooting the movie, he also has to avoid/protect him self from classmate paparazzi, monitoring if he is sleeping in class or paying good attention in class. Lately one of his classmates reported every detail of him at school online to everyone, luckily Rain who studied hard did not turn in his homework late, and passed his tests successfully, and did not let anyone catch his mistake.
Rain says“Although until now I didn’t run into any big trouble but being secretly monitored doesn’t feel good”[poor baby!!!!!*sniff*]

About being monitored at school, Rain’s fans all support him and his college classmate went online to make it clear for him”Although Rain doesn’t go to school often, but he really goes whenever he has time and pays good attention in class, turn in homework on time, so he can graduate and get into graduate school.”

Rain strips all and worth a million, refuses skyhigh price photobook invitation
Rain reveals not long ago someone offered him 50 hundred million Korean dollars to shoot a all nude photobook but his dad doesn’t agree so they didn’t proceed[ He was going to DO it but his dad refused or…:P] No Korean guys have the courage to try all nude photobok. Rain says when he told his father this, his dad told him”then after your shooting run away quickly!” and that scared him. Koreans are conservative and Rain’s father obviously worries his baby son wrecking his fame by “showing his butt”, that is really not worth it.

Special guy I
SanYuan(sound) respects Rain, who is one year older, for Rain’s humble attitude. Rain is close to his dad and Il says whenever Rain sees dad, he is always really humble and when eating or drinking if dancer or other people don’t start, he will not start, sometimes he even starts after others finish.
Il says, when he sings he sings, and same for dancing and acting, although star Rain is excellent in every aspect, off stage he has no star attitude. Il emphasizes”Not only is he famous or popular, but his serious attitude at working out activities is really worth our respect.”

Source :
From CC by xixiemaomao
Chi to Eng translation : Papapanda

Korean entertainer-icon rocks southern metro stage

Chung Ji-hoon at an interview with Thanh Nien reporter upon his arrival at the airport

Famous Korean pop singer and actor Rain, also known as Bi, took center stage at the S-Fone concert in Ho Chi Minh City Thursday evening, drawing screams from more than 20,000 Vietnamese fans.

The singer, whose real name is Chung Ji-hoon performed four songs – It’s Rain, I Do, Bad Boy, and How to Avoid Sun and another song before closing his show.

The young performer impressed the audience with skilled dance routines and a veteran performance style though his vocals left something to be desired.

Bi sang his third song he said Xin Chao Moi Nguoi (Hello Everybody) in Vietnamese which he learned that afternoon.

In an interview with Thanh Nien upon his arrival in the Tan Son Nhat Airport nearly 2pm Thursday, Bi said he works wholeheartedly in the life and lives honestly on stage.

Asked about penetrating the US entertainment market, Bi said he was busy learning English to improve his speaking skills, which is a start.

The singer is also known for his leading role in the Korean television serial Full House, already shown in Vietnam and many Asian countries.

Regarding this, Bi said he needed to make greater efforts to achieve his goals, particularly in the role of an actor. “I think I can do more in my acting career.”

The pop star also recalled memories of his late mother, who left the strongest influence on his career and personal life.

“My mother contributed greatly to my success now. Each day I work hard to become a better entertainer in memory of my mom,” he said.

Reported by Da Ly, Phan Cao Tung – Translated by Thu Thuy


At 5:30pm (Thursday, June 8) Bi had a press conference in Ho Chi Minh City. He seemed exhausted after a long flight from Korea and an intense rehearsal at the stadium for the concert later tonight. Besides the security which always kept a safe distance for this super star, Bi's first impression for the journalists was that he seemed cold and a bit serious looking. But he smiled eventually, at the last minute.

Q: What is your first impression of Vietnam?

Bi: When I first got the invitation to Vietnam, I hesistated for a bit because of my intense work schedule. However, I found out that there is a quite significant number of fans here, so I wanted to response to their love. I hope that next time coming back, I would have some time for traveling, I know there are many beautiful places here.

Q: Chosen to be 1 of the "100 Most Influential People" by Time, what do you think you have influenced?

Bi: Please let my audience and fans decide that. What I care about is working to my best capability and be more responsible in my work. I receive the love wherever I stop by, and always trying to keep that precious affection. My mother is the most influential person to me.

Q: You've been in many shows for soccer events and World Cup. What do you feel about this sport?

Bi: I really love it. It's a game for everyone.

Q: What is your ideal woman?

Bi: I love a woman who can cook, and cook well.

Q: Watching you on different shows before, you were always friendly to the press and fans. Why do you seem so cold now?

Bi: To be honest, my schedule lately is extremely busy. I dont have time to enjoy life. Right now, the reason why I look so "cold" probably is because I am a bit tired. Today was very busy. Just this morning, I was shooting a movie in Korea; Noon I already had to take off to Vietnam. Arrived at the airport, I had a rehearsal immeadiately; and rushed here right afterward. Please don't take it wrong. My success cannot be done without your support, and I am not a "cold" person *smile*

Bi smiled

Q: In your Asia Tour, is there any difference between Vietnam show and other countries'?

Bi: My Asia Tour will be in February and March next year. It will be an opportunity to gather all the fans in Asia and for me to response to their support. In general, they will all be the same, but might be altered a bit to fit each country's culture.

Vi to Eng: Sinfully Sweet
Credit: sexybi// my jeong jihun
source: RainSingapore
link: Thanks!

NewRain's Mysterious Strategy

01 June 06, Seoul Sports
Kr to Ch: Blueberry @ biwithrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop

Superstar Rain has kicked off his "mysterious strategy", arousing much interest. Although Rain appeared in public on both 27 and 28 last month, he seem to be trying his best to avoid contact with the media.

Rain appeared in the final segment of I-Concert held at Seoul Stadium on 27th last month, but did not turn up for the press conference held to announce request of better royalty payout to producers and singers from telecom companies. He also made a special request not to air his performance during the concert.

In addition, all photo-taking was forbiddened during his fan-meeting. The above shows that Rain is doing his utmost best to avoid appearing in media channels.

According to some, Rain's "mysterious strategy" is because of his recent movie "I'm a cyborg, is that ok?" Hence, he is trying not to appear before the movie premier so he can make a stunning appearance during the premier.

01 June 06, Seoul Sports
Kr to Ch: Blueberry @ biwithrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop
source: RainSingapore

Rain's new MV took 17 hours to complete

06 June 06 Wenhui Po
Zhong Ya Yee reports

Asian Pop sensation and Korean singer, Rain, will release his second Japanese single "Free Way" tomorrow. This is his first attempt in challenging the J-pop genre, and the single album is a huge difference from his usual R&B and Hip Hop style. Rain likes this new song very much, and especially requested to include his own concepts in the MV, including costumes and dance choreography. Rain exhibited plenty of special skills in this MV. Other than doing the "wave" with his mouth, he also flirted constantly by keeping his face focused on the camera most of the time, and displayed that trademark smile; that charisma of his is irresistable! eventually, the MV was completed only after 17 hours of filming.

In addition, Rain was so busy with overseas promotion this year, he hardly had time to return home. He turned 24 last month-end (Rayndrop: not true...Birthday not over yet) and will be celebrating his birthday mid of this month at Budokan Stadium with fans. When asked if he's had any luck with love lately, he smiled and said he's too busy to have a girlfriend, but expressed his fondness for women who are older than him, and hopes to have a happy family one day.

source: RainSingapore

Friday, June 09, 2006

Rain to Perform in Vietnam

Singer Rain will give a concert on Thursday in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the origin of the Korean Wave or Korean pop culture craze. Expectations for the first concert to be given there by the talented Korean singer have run so high that some 20,000 tickets sold out just two days after they went on sale on May 29.

But the SK Telecom office in Ho Chi Minh, the organizer of the concert, is still being inundated with calls asking about tickets. SKT arranged the "S-Phone Forever Concert" to celebrate sales of over 500,000 handsets of its CDMA (code division multiple access) S-Phone in Vietnam and distributed invitation tickets to local customers.

It is not only Korean residents and teenage fans in the Vietnamese city who badly want to attend the concert. Rain's fans in Hanoi have also expressed regret about not being able to attend the concert and expect that they can see him during his Asian tour scheduled late this year.

Besides Rain, Jewelry and Chaeyeon, both also popular in Vietnam, will participate in the concert along with other top Vietnamese singers.

Thanh Nien, the leading local newspaper, reported that Korean singer Rain, who became popular in the country through the hit drama "Full House" and was named one of 100 most influential people in the world by the U.S. magazine Time, will visit Vietnam.

The Korean cable channels K-MTV and M-Net as well as Vietnam TV will film the concert. Local police say that they will station some 750 police officers around the venue where the concert is to be held and have other officers standing by in case of emergency.

Source : ( English )

Singer Rain's 2nd Single Album Ranks 9th on Japan's Oricon Charts

Asian star Rain (24) has been listed on Japan's Oricon Charts once again.

Rain's second single album entitled "Free Way" ranked ninth on Oricon's daily single charts on June 7, the day of its release. His first single album "Sad Tango", which was released on January 25, finished 11th on Oricon's daily single charts on the day of its release and 14th on Oricon's weekly charts. His second single album features two songs, "Free Way" and "Feel So Alight".

Rain will leave for Japan to promote his newest single album on June 13. He is scheduled to give interviews to TVs and newspapers there. He will hold a meeting for his Japanese fan club, "Cloud Japan", as well as his birthday party, at Budokan, Tokyo on June 15-16. At the fan meeting on June 16, he will present video images from a photo album entitled "Road For Rain", which is featured in his DVD.

An official from his agency, JYP Entertainment, said, "Rain will return home on June 19 after promoting his newest single album and holding a fan meeting in Japan. Prior to his visit to Japan, Rain will leave for Vietnam on the morning of June 8 to attend the 'S Phone Forever Concert' sponsored by SKT (SK Telecom) in Ho Chi Minh, and return home on June 9".

Meanwhile, Rain will release his fourth full-length album in Korea on October 15. He will make a concert tour of 11 Asian nations in December. His debut film entitled "I'm a Cyborg. But That's OK" directed by Park Chan-wook is expected to be released in December.

Source : ( English )

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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For those who grace their presence here at my blog, KAMSA HAMNEEDA, THANK YOU, MARAMING SALAMAT, DOMO ARIGATO GOSAYMASTA, KAPUNKA, etc. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hope you find my site useful especially this site I created and dedicated to the man who in everyway made a big difference my life. Others may say I am exaggerating or being too mushy or however you may describe it, but being honest, Rain did made a very big difference in my life.

I will try to update my site regularly to keep you updated with the latest that is happening our favorite Korean Artist. I actually have other links similar to this site, hope you would visit them also. My other Rain blogs contains latest pictures, MVs, CFs and some of his concert teasers. One CF of Rain which I like right now is his SK Telecomm - Go Korea (Dae han Min-gook), its very cute.
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Rain denies changing manager

Rain could be considered as the ultimate Korean heavenly king, so it is unavoidable that he will be surrounded with all kinds of rumours. Recently, he was rumoured to be leaving his current management company soon, but regarding this Rain has already made some clarifications: “I still have a one-year contract with JYP. Whether I will be changing my management company in the future, I also don’t know this yet. Rumours that my father has contacted many management companies are all not to be believed, because my father will never interfere with my work.”

On the other hand, there were also reports that his value has reached about 15 billion won (approximately 10 or 20 million Hong Kong dollars). Rain indicated that he is certainly happy with such a value, but these are only rumours. Perhaps everyone thinks that he has made a lot of money in the United States. As for the worst rumour, there was a report implying that Song Hye Kyo has aborted their child for him. Rain isn’t even bothered anymore with these kind of nonsense and gossip news.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

A letter from Rain to Cloud

"Why are you laughing? Some music please!"

Before I met all of you, I didn't know how to love
I'm standing before all of you as "Rain"
When my heart is bursting with love from all of you
I understand the meaning of "this is the feeling of receiving love"

But when I am giving love, it seems like my method is somewhat wrong
And...there seems to be a feeling of distance

All these while when I was only receiving love, I was also very fortunate
But while your love in my heart is overflowing
I realised that my ways of showing love is very distant

During the 4 years I've spent with all of you
Ah~it seems like it is only now that I understand the meaning of love
Love can only be achieved jointly by both sides
To share whether in times of joy and sorrow

To everybody, my way of loving is
Whenever you are happy, sad, or in a special moment
it is my face and the image of me performing my best that will first come to your mind!
In order to be deserving of your love, and a name which you are proud of
I have always tried to put on my best performance.

Yup. In order for Rain to be able to continue being your source of pride in future;
In order for everybody to feel proud as a fan of Rain;
In future, I will strive to become the brightest light that stays by your side.

Rain: "Do you believe?"
Cloud: "We believe!"
Rain: "Too you believe?"
Cloud: "We believe!"
Rain: "Oh good! Thank you!

Credit: yunrain@baidu// jinlees@soompi
Kr to Ch: Yunrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop
SOURCE: RainSingapore

Rain casted a careful vote

Central voting manger committee"Fair elections promoting ambassador", Rain(24 yrs old) analyzed the policy he used to determine a good political party when interviewed by Yohap. Later he attended 5.31 local elections absentee voting. He emphasized that it is important to perform your voting rights as a citizen.

Rain is shooting the movie Cyborg at Busan with director Park Chanyu(sound), on 25th, as an absentee voter, he went to Haiyuntai elementary school gym voting stand to cast his vote. He said, although not really interested in politics, he casted a vote to a worthy candidate. In his down time he likes to read newspapers, he pays more attention to"100minutes discussion" and other current affair shows, so he can responsibly cast his vote.

He says"my philosophy in life is to be open and upright. As an artist one should have rich knowledge and deeply acknowledge that only if you understand the reason behind things will you be able to come in contact with more people. On the other hand also raise your own level. Therefore he reads news everyday and some other ways to remind himself not to forget learning new knowledge. Thinking artist don't understand candidates and cast votes irresponsibly is a biased opinion.

Additionally, Rain also gave his opinion on the negotiation on the income split between music and "moving"(name of company?)phone company(Papapanda: refering to the korean star protest against phone company offering ringtones of their songs on the website but artists not getting enough in return)
He says, in the entertainment business, (they) really want to present better cultural charisma. If reasonable distribution(of income) is to be fulfilled, the ability of people to differentiate different music qualities is very important.

He also adds that he feels sorry that during this period artists could not unite together very well, and hope that the negotiation between the moving phone company and the music business can have a satisfactory result.
you guys can watch it here Streaming vid mms://

YOHAP news
original: Bi with Rain
chi-->Eng : Papapanda

Rain likes skinny-dipping, likes older women more

South Korean pop singer Rain, once went skinny-dipping with a motion picture team personnel in Hong Kong, but he said that he likes girls who are older even more.

Yesterday, Rain held a birthday party for turning 25 years old.

South Korea's "Daily" entertainment section new said that next month (June) 25 is Rain's 25th birthday, but on the 28th, Rain at Souel held a "birthday party" with his fans. Unbelievably, at the party, Rain showed a side of him that is completely different than the one people usually see.

Filled with childish beahvior, Rain transformed himself into a chef and demonstrated his lovable side to his fans, while making riceballs. He also revealed that he once went skinny dipping with staff members after a Hong Kong concert. THen he also talked about the kind of girls he likes. He said he likes exquisite girls, can't be too skinny, and he really likes girls who are older than him.

The reason he likes "older sister"s is because of older women's dispositions, and he likes girls he can depend on. Besides one girlfriend that was the same age as him, all his previous lovers were older than him.

Rain will be in Vietnam next month on the eighth for an interview, then he will be in Japan on the 15th, and he will hold a two day fan-meet there in Japan.

Credit: Yahoo! News TW
Translated by: stephanieshieh@AsianFanatics

Kim Jae Dong: "Rain's small eyes represent the eyes of the Republic of Korea"

Host Kim Jae Dong compliments Rain's eyes generously.

Kim was the host for Rain's Birthday Party cum Fan-meeting, held on the afternoon of 28th May at the cultural hall of Gwangun University (?), Seoul.

At the party, Rain said, "I used to have low self-esteem because of my small eyes. But now, as compared to artistes with big beautiful eyes, artistes with small eyes seem to enjoy higher popularity, and that increases my self-confidence."

"In US, my small eyes also obtained very good responses, these unique smiling eyes of mine."

Following that, Kim also agreed enthusiastically saying, "Because we belong to a tribe that rides horses(Koreans are half-descendants of the Mongolians who are normadic people), in order to avoid having things fly into our eyes, over time, we have developed small traditional eyes. The farmers, on the other hand, have long and slitty eyes so they can see the wide expanse of their farms" :sweatingbullets:

Kim Jae Dong went on to say, "Recently, it is in trend for people with double eye-lids to undergo surgery and have their eyes made small."

"Rain's small eyes are the representative eyes of the Republic of Korea!" These words immediately got enthusiastic cheers from fans.

Rain also revealed that his favourite part of his body is his butt, and that evoked excited cheers from the female fans.

Creidt: jinlees@soompi
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop
source: RainSingapore

Pantech song ranks # 1 of China "Pepsi Music Chart"

Rain's commercial song ranks # 1 in China's Music Chart.

Recently Rain broke China's record by accepting Pantech's 18 billion Korean Wan offer in filming a commerical similar to Lee Hyori's ANYMOTION commercial. The female lead of this commerical is Suen Li who participated in the move SPIRIT. Rain, who sang the song MEMORIES IN HAND was released in China in late April.

JYP produced MEMORIES IN HAND for the PANTECH commerical and Rain performed the song in Mandarin, the song was not released as a album.

Rain is now in Bu San filming I'M A CYBORG, IT'S OK? On June 8th, Rain will be performing in Vietnam and on the 15th and 16th he will be having a fan meeting with his Japanese fans in Budoukan.

Kr to Ch: irbi from BiwithRain
Ch to En: veronica from SexyBi

DVD "A Love to Kill" Director's Cut will be release on July 4, 2006.

JYPE will have "I juk sa DVD Director's Cut" under order on 84,000won Kr, instead of 110,000won kr, original cost.
- A time limit for application : June 3 (Sat) ~ June 17 (sat)

Description of "I Jugillomui Sarang (A Love to Kill)" The Director Cut (KBS TV Series)
Release Date : July 4, 2006 (expect)
Price : 84,000won kr (pre-order)

[DVD outline]
1. Disc 1-8 : 15 episodes(running time: 1005minutes)
HD encording/re-edited by Director/Sound re-Mastering/completed the middle Title/
Part 1 commentary by Director/Language : Korean, Subtitle : English

2. Disc 8-9 : special features (running time: 300minutes)
-Introduction: "A Love to Kill" that Director, Staff and Actors say
-History : the episode, making and the behind story from start to finish.
-Title : process of planning and making of middle title - Total arrange with title producer
-Location: the scene with director/location/documentary of road movie style.
-Interview: Interview of Director Kim Gye-tae, Writer Lee Kyung-hee/
Interview of Jeong Jihun, Shin Min-ah, Kim Sa-rang and Lee Ki-woo
-Memory : The scene of the Best and the word of the Best which Director chooses.
-NG Parade
-Correction of cut scenes
-Music Video
-Photo Gallery

3. small thoughtful present from JYPE

source =

Korean performer set to rain on Vietnam’s hit parade

Famous Korean pop singer and actor Rain, also known as Bi, will take the center stage at the S-Fone concert in Ho Chi Minh City next week.

The singer, whose real name is Chung Ji-hoon, is set to arrive at Tan Son Nhat Airport at 2pm June 8 and will perform at the concert due for 7:30-10pm at the Military Zone 7 Stadium.

Rain will perform six solo songs, including one in English, before joining with other artists to sing We are the world.

Appearing together with Rain will be the 12-strong dance troupe MB Crew (B-Boy), which has won many awards in the Republic of Korea, and Jewelry, one of Korea’s leading girl bands, which performed in Vietnam earlier this year.

Rain’s performance in Vietnam is a major musical event in South East Asia and his appearance on the six-meter-high stage in Ho Chi Minh City promises to be impressive thanks to special equipment used to deliver his show.

A Korean television channel will also carry out Music Video program during the S-Fone concert.

Born June 1982, Rain is a popular solo singer in South Korea with a very deep and rich voice and amazing dance skills.

His latest album, It’s raining, tops Korea’s billboards with millions of discs sold.

He has won many awards, including Most popular singer award of the MTV Asia Aid 2005, MTV Video Music Awards Japan in 2005, Best Buzz Asia from Korea award 2005, and Most popular Korean singer of the Mandarin Music Honors 2005.

The singer has also done acting, being a very well-rounded entertainer.

He has been spotted on many dramas produced by Korean television station KBS like This Damned Love, Full House, Let’s go to school, and Sang-doo.

Rain has recently organised a live show at Madison Square Garden (MSG) in New York with the participation of many well-known singers.

This was the first live show by an Asian artist at MSG.

Time magazine has also selected Rain as one of the 100 most influent persons in the world.

(Thanh Nien newspaper)
source: Yahoo News