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Rain's Knee Injury Not Serious (2news)

In a message that Rain sent via Promax, the organizer of the Asia tour, the singer thanked his fans for their encouragement. Rain spRained his leg when performing a jumping move on September 29. He underwent treatment on September 31 at a general hospital in Seoul shortly after returning to Korea.

Rain also added that his Hollywood debut movie, "Ninja Assassin", was to open soon and that he looked forward to hear his fans' reviews about his acting. "My goal right now is to make my name through a movie, but my ultimate goal is to gain global recognition as an actor and artist. As the late Michael Jackson has shown us, artists make a big impact on future generations with their music and performances and are judged by them as well. I want to be an artist who has an impact on the world's future", wrote Rain.

Source : KBS Global ( English )
related news about Rain's Knee Injury

Rain who was wounded in the knee during his first Asia Tour “Legend of Rainism’ in Saitama Super Arena, Japan, last August 29~30, expressed as, “My test results did not show something that would be serious out of the ordinary. Now I’m all right. Please don’t worry yourself about me.”

On the 9th through PROMAX which progressed his concert in Japan, Rain thanked his fans who have had some apprehensions for his health.

“I gave anxiety to all of you due to the fact that I was wounded on the first day of my concert.” he told his fans how he is getting along like this.

Rain got hurt in the knee with a landing during his performance on the opening day of his concert in Japan.(29th), so he saw the doctor at a hospital located in Kangbook region, Seoul, immediately after he returned home on the 31th, and was overhauled whether the bone is broken by setting it MRI.

Continuing, Rain said, “My first hollywood leading movie Ninja Assassin will be released soon.” “I had difficulty in filming, but I’m very tense and feel into a flutter how the movie will be viewed. I’d appreciated it if you look forward to the movie.”

Also, “Now I’m dreaming of informing the world of human being ‘Rain and Jeong Ji-Hoon’, but eventually I want to be an actor and singer who achieve recognition worldwide.”

“I’ve lately come to feel again through Michael Jackson, I believe that an artist has to influence on the future generation through his or her music and performance, and then he or she will be estimated. I want to be such an artist who exercises great influence on the future generation.”

credit: Yonhap News
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09.09.09 [Old] Rain’s picture with one of his dancing team

source: sixtofive1982

[Rain TV][Eng Trans] 090906_ MBC_Sisa2580_ Korean Wave Now-Japan_Legend of Rainism-Japan

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09.07.09 The story about the late Mrs. An So-Bong supported by Rain, will be adapted for the stage

Rain & Mrs. An So-Bong in a sickroom.

The story about the final losing battle with the late Mrs.’An So-Bong’s illness, who was supported by Rain, will be adapted for the stage.

The story of the family of the late Mrs.’An So-Bong’ that began to be known to the general public after world star Rain inquired after her, will be adapted for the musical stage.

This musical is about the final losing battle with her terminal stomach cancer, and it’ll be shown from October 1st, at Star City Theater in Daehackro, and 10% of net proceeds from the stage will be donated to cancer patients.

She had labored under her disease for one year and 10 days and died in October, 2007.

At that time Rain spoke comforting words to her family through the media. ” It grieved me to hear the news that she died after all. I can thoroughly understand the grief to the death of the light of their life because I also had such a trying experience. I pray for the repose of the deceased.”

credit to YONHAP NEWS
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Rain Says Al Pacino Is His Hero

Korean singer and actor Rain said he wants to work with his”hero” Al Pacino someday.
MTV presented a question and answer session between the Korean pop star and his fans in time with the release of the first full clip from the action flick “Ninja Assassin,” in which Rain plays a starring role.

Asked whether there is any action star he would like to team up with for a movie, Rain said, “When I was young, `Scarface’ was my favorite film. Al Pacino is my hero. I want to work with him.”

Rain said he sustained lots of cuts on his body while acting for the new film, which hits theaters Nov. 25.
“I have lots of cuts on my body. When I was doing a stunt, even though everyone took care of me, I still got hurt a lot,” he said.

Rain told his fans that diet was the hardest part of the training he went through for the movie.
“I ate chicken breast for eight months with vegetables. That was terrible. No sugar. No salt. I don’t want to eat chicken breast anymore. I like junk food, French fries, hamburgers ― I love it,” he said.

He indicated that in the future he will make an English-language album for international fans.
“I don’t have plans yet for an English album, but I will. Please wait for me,” he said.

The young Korean actor is already a pop-culture phenomenon in Korea. Now, with his first starring role, he seems poised to earn some new fans in the States.
Filmed in Berlin, Germany, the action adventure movie is produced by Joel Silver and the Wachowski brothers.

credit: + HanCinema e-news

09.07.09 A heavy Rainstorm will move toward home theater early next year

Top star Rain is expected to return to one of 3 blockbuster dramas early next year.

According to his agent J.Tune entertainment, Rain is agonizing about the drama he wants. They say it is not until early next year that it is possible for him to appear in such a drama because of his tight schedule.

Rain who opened his Asia Tour, ‘Legend of Rainism’, starting with his first concert in Saitama Super Arena, Japan last August 29, plans to continue his concert tour in Korea, China and South East Asia countires.

Especially, with the arrival of November, he is expected to spend much time in overseas schedule since his first hollywood leading movie Ninja Assassin promotion has been scheduled.

There has been a rumor that he’s going to appear in a blockbuster drama with promotion costs of over 100 billion won (about $8.1millions) with actress Jeon Ji-Hyun, but unfortunately these two could not meet with each other due to their own schedules.

Rain as the first star to commit to new dramas is rising in popularity among the drama productions, because not only did Rain already receive much recognition of his acting ability through his 3 dramas and hollywood movies, but also each broadcasting can drive ratings and obtain excellent results even in overseas copy right as security his appearance in their dramas.

Rain debuted as an actor through drama ‘Sangdoo, Let’s Go To School’, his drama ‘Full House’ in 2004 paved the way for his success, and after his drama ‘Love to Kill’, his field of activity was moved to the film world.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

08.25.09 Rain’s official Japan website is to open on September 1st

Rain developing his Asia Tour in two years, whose official Japan site is to open.

Mnet to be operated by ‘CJ Media Japan’ expressed on the 25, “World star Rain’s official Japan website ‘J.TUNE CAMP RAIN JAPAN OFFICIAL SITE’ ( will open from the first of the next month at 2pm.

Various informations such as Rain’s diary and messages for his Japan fans, will be offered.”

Meanwhile, Rain’ll be starting his Asia Tour ‘Legend of Rainism’ in Saitama Super Arena, Japan on the 29th and the 30th, and his first Hollywood movie Ninja Assassin is to be released in November.

credit to Yonhap news + Naver
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08.25.09 J.Tune entertainment where Rain is the largest stockholder, is to brand out into electronic automobiles

J.Tune entertainment where Rain is the largest stockholder, is to brand out into electronic automobiles.

J.Tune entertainment announced on the 25th that they’ll branch out into electronic automobiles to scale up their sales and to increase their profits.

Thus, the aims of their business are as follows, sales of electronic automobiles, recruitment and management of agencies, development and manufacture of electronic automobile parts, sales of electronic automobile parts, exportation and importation of electronic automobiles and the related parts.

J.Tune entertainment’ will ask for the approval for the electronic automobile business through the stockholders meeting on the 16th of the next month.

credit: Daily Economy
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‘Ninja Assassin’ Director James McTeigue Extols Rain’s ‘Star Charisma’

James McTeigue: Rain Is ‘Incredible’ (watch clip here)

The Korean pop star attempts to take the ninja genre back to the mainstream this November.
By Eric Ditzian

In Hollywood, the ninja has either been a joke — think mutated turtles, Chris Farley, suburban adolescent wannabes — or strictly the stuff of narrowly focused genre flicks. In the last few years, though, ninjas have begun to get some mainstream respect, with appearances in movies like 2005’s “Batman Begins” and this summer’s “G.I. Joe.” Can they once again carry their own mainstream movie? With “Ninja Assassin,” director James McTeigue is not only sharpening his sword to slice and dice moviegoers’ opinion of the stealthy, acrobatic fighters once and for all — he’s planning on doing so with a cast of relative unknowns in the U.S.

But McTeigue’s got skills molding genre material for the big screen — he was a key player in “The Matrix” trilogy and the director of “V for Vendetta” — and his lead actor happens to be one of the biggest pop stars in Asia. If you’ve never heard of Rain, you’re about to, as the director explained to MTV News.

“Rain is an incredible athlete,” McTeigue said. “An incredible personality too. You just have to spend a little time around him to know what dedication he has and what kind of star charisma he has, which is why he’s so popular there.”

McTeigue also pointed out that Rain is simply very talented. “We trained a lot of the actors for ['The Matrix'],” the director said. “But Rain, through his dance ability, he trained harder than anyone I’ve ever seen. He also got the choreography down incredibly well, more so that you could just show it to him two or three times and then he’d do it perfect, pretty much. He was incredible to watch.”

“I learned a lot of techniques and expressions, martial arts,” the South Korean singer told MTV News shortly after the movie wrapped production. “I’ve been training for six months nonstop, everyday. From the moment, I’ve been controlling my mind and my menu, with chicken breasts and vegetables — almost killed me. I’ll never work out again!”

So, you’ve got an international celebrity and a director with serious fanboy cred. What else does it take to bring the honorable ninja out from the depths of B-moviedom? McTeigue assembled a cast of strong supporting actors, secured a Hollywood-size budget and made sure the script emphasized character as much as it did action.

The story focuses on Rain’s Raizo, who is picked up off the streets as a child and trained to be — what else? — a wickedly skilled ninja assassin. All grown up, Raizo ends up turning against the folks who taught him to be a killing machine and makes it his life’s mission to end all this assassination business. Unsurprisingly, the others ninjas don’t take kindly to this sort of career advice, and a cross-European battle royal ensues.

“You have to keep the essence of the ninja movie,” McTeigue explained. “But if you want to take it above the usual kind of ninja movie, you need to give it a decent story. But make no mistake — it’s a ninja movie.”

In addition to the character-driven elements in “Ninja,” when the movie hits theaters on November 25, expect loads of funky weapons (swords, throwing stars, chain-blade combos called kusarigama) and wild fight choreography (incorporating elements of parkour, kung fu and sword combat). In other words, there’s a little something for everyone.

“For me, the film is a cross between anime, video games and film noir,” McTeigue said.

From the sexy Megan Fox in “Jennifer’s Body” to the black-clad warriors of “Ninja Assassin,” the MTV Movies team is delving into the hottest flicks of Fall 2009. Check back daily for exclusive clips, photos and interviews with the films’ biggest stars.

Check out everything we’ve got on “Ninja Assassin.”

credits: By Eric Ditzian
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rain’s agent J.Tune Entertainment has turned a profit in their history for the first time

J.Tune entertainment where Rain is the largest stockholder and belongs, has gone into the black in their history for the first time.

The company announced on the 14th that they realized a profit of 189 million won (about $152,174) in the fourth quarter, posted a profit of 9 billion won (around $ 7,246,376) with a twice increase from the same period last year even in the total sales by year-on-year accounts, completed to redeem the 5.5million dollar Overseas Convertible Bond, and cleared off their debts from 16.7 billion won (around $ 14 million) to 6.1 billion won (around $ 4.9million).

Since Rain’s Asia Tour is currently in progress starting with Japan concert, and his hollywood movie Ninja Assassin is slated to open on November 25, the company has been being well-regarded not only in their future value, but also in the improvement of their benefit.

A person from J.Tune entertainment expressed, “This turnaround may actually have a positive impact on our potential value. We’ll take advantage of our know-how and experience in the world of entertainment, including world star Rain, and will try to diversity our management through the advance of growing works.

Meanwhile, Korea Information Service Inc. ever rated J.Tune Entertainment as Stable grade, making their grade upgraded B in late July.

credit: Daily Economy

Rain has started the countdown to saturate Japan

Rain has finally started the countdown to saturate Japan.

Rain’ll be holding 2009 Legend of Rainism as part of his Asia Tour for the first time in Saitama Super Arena, Japan on August 29, 30.

Rain’s agent J.Tune entertainment expressed on the phone speaking to TV Daily, “Rain who kept coming and going to the inside and outside of the country, is now striving to prepare for his Asia Tour’s performance within the country.” Continuing, “his Hong Kong concert has been scheduled for December12, 13, and 2 shows within October are expected to be held in Seoul Olympic Gymnastic Stadium in Korea.

Meanwhile, since his first leading movie Ninja Assassin is slated to open on November 25, it is known that they are planning the concert schedule keeping step with the promotion of the movie.

credit: TV Daily

ChanMi's movie news] Jeong Ji-hoon in Bruce Lee remake film, "Enter the Dragon"?

World star Rain also known as Jeong Ji-hoon has been considered to be in the new Hollywood film remake.

According to the American film professional site Latino Review, Warner Brothers are making a modern remake of the film "Enter the Dragon" which will be titled, "Awaken the Dragon" with Jeong as one of the main characters.

The film "Enter the Dragon" from 1973 had Bruce Lee as the main character and brought him to the spotlight. This film has been worked on for the last two years by Warner Brothers and changed the title.

Producer and writer of the film, "The Shield" will be producing this film to be his debut film. The movie is about an FBI agent who chases after the martial arts gangs of the underground. Rain's character is considered to be that of a monk.

Latino Review said that producer Kurt Sutter is fond of Rain through the film, "Ninja Assassin" and said that Rain can be a great martial arts actor.

JTune, Rain's company said that they have received the call but there are no definite decisions made on this consideration.

If Rain takes part in this film, he will be able to stand alongside with the major American cast in Hollywood, another step to becoming an world reknown actor!

On the other hand, "Ninja Assassin" will be released on November 25th.

Source : Nate

The tickets of Rain’s Asia Tour in Japan have been sold off

The tickets of ‘Rain’s Legend of Rainism 2009 Rain Asia Tour in Japan’ have been sold off.

Rain’s agent J.Tune entertainment expressed, “Rain’s Asia Tour concert in Japan is all sold out. The procedures of receipt of money are going on smoothly as well. We’ve already had a lot of inquires from those who didn’t buy the tickets in advance. His fans are showing a lot of interest in the concert as much as this will be the first tour to be held.”

Rain’s Asia Tour is to set a scene in the whole of Asia by a form of a large schedule.

He’s been giving attention to this tour for about a year, and his fans are also buoyant with expectations.

Rain has come to be intent on his Korea and Hong Kong concerts, in October and in December each, by the sellout of Japan concert.

An official from J.Tune entertainment added, “Since Rain’s first hollywood movie Ninja Assassin’s promotion has been scheduled for November, we’re keeping the concert schedule to a minimum. Also, Rain is concentrating his efforts on raising his concert’s quality as much as the number of the concert has been reduced more than before.”

credit: Sports Hankook…20205695510.htm

brief translation: rain bird@rain-eu

08.23.09 Choreographer AJ who worked with Rain in LA, is wearing 6to5 T shirt

AJ who helped to choreograph Rainism dance for Rain in LA, is training new boy band B2ST for a show.

One of B2ST members is wearing T shirt with the word AJ.

AJ is the colored person who is wearing glasses and Rain’s clothing brand 6to5 T shirt with a yellow stripe.

AJ seemed to have visited Seoul for the boy band, and his 6to5 T shirt indicates that he also met with Rain during his stay in Seoul.

credit to Rain Gallery

Eng brief explanation by rain bird@rain-eu

Rain to Perform in Hong Kong in December as Part of Asia Tour

Actor/singer Rain (real name Chung Ji-hoon, 27) has added Hong Kong to his Asia tour entitled "2009 Legend of Rainism". The tour will begin on August 29-30 in Saitama, Japan. Rain will perform in Hong Kong on December 12-13, according to his agency, JTune Entertainment. Rain will visit Hong Kong for the first time in six months since his last visit in June for the "Six To Five" fashion show.

A person from JTune Entertainment said the singer's tour schedule will be matched with the promotion of his Hollywood debut movie "Ninja Assassin", which will open worldwide on November 25.

Rain is discussing plans to hold concerts in Seoul in October.

source: Hancinema e-news

Friday, August 14, 2009

[ChanMi's movie news] More stills of "Ninja Assassin"

More still pictures have been released for the Hollywood film, "Ninja Assassin" that stars Rain.

The stills show Jeong in fighting scenes bloody and sweaty. He has a double edged sword and is fighting fervently with revenge.

There are previews for the film released on YouTube that the fans are loving.

Last month, "Ninja Assassin"s sneak previews have been released at the Comicon.

His character is of Raijo who has been brought up as a solder, however he betrays the group he was brought up in and seeks revenge.

The film will be released this November 25th.

Source : Hancinema e-news ( Korean )

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hollywood Calls for Rain

Korean pop idol Rain has snagged his first leading role in a Hollywood film. The singer and actor told a press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on Wednesday that he has been cast as the hero in the action movie "Ninja Assassin".

The movie is to be produced by Joel Silver, the producer of "V for Vendetta", and the Wachowski Brothers, the directors of "The Matrix".

"It's such a huge opportunity that I feel like I'm dreaming", Rain said. "I'm not only working out to lose weight and training to build the perfect body, I'm also studying English hard".

This won't be Rain's first Hollywood movie. He recently shot a supporting role in the Wachowski Brothers' "Speed Racer", which is scheduled to open in theaters in May.

"You'll see Korean characters appear in some scenes in the movie", Rain said with a grin. "That's because I lobbied and sometimes pressured the producers to feature the Korean language".

Rain recognized for enhancing Korea's image

Pop star Rain will receive the 2008 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award in recognition of his contribution to promoting a positive image of Korea through his music, the Corea Image Communication Institute announced Monday.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, is one of Asia's most successful and well-loved artists, and has recently clinched a major role in a Hollywood film,.

The institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Korea internationally.

The awards ceremony will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Grand InterContinental Hotel on Feb. 19, during which the heartthrob singer/actor will perform.

Also joining the event will be last year's awardee, maestro Chung Myung-Whun, who will perform with violinist Dennis Kim, cellist Song Young-hoon and violist Hung-Wei Huang.

Rain began his singing career after releasing his first solo album, " Bad Guy ", in 2002, a huge success that was followed by other popular albums. He gained worldwide fame when Korean pop culture, particularly pop music and television dramas, became hugely popular several years ago in Asia and other regions.

He launched his acting career with starring roles in the Korean television drama "Full House" in 2004 and the movie "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" in 2006. In the same year, Rain was named one of the 100 Most Influential People by Time Magazine and one of the 100 Most Beautiful People a year later by People Magazine.

Rain recently concluded a contract with William Morris Agency, a New York-based major talent agency that represents entertainers such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Russell Crowe. He will make his official Hollywood debut in May with a supporting role in "Speed Racer", a family movie written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski (of the "Matrix" trilogy).

The 26-year-old star has also been cast in a major role in "Ninja Assassin", which will be produced by Joel Silver and the Wachowski Brothers, and directed by James McTeigue ("V for Vendetta").

"This will mark the beginning of the second chapter of my life. It is an opportunity that I never want to miss", he said during a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday.

Last month, he lent a helping hand to the nationwide volunteer campaign to clean up an oil spill on the west coast, and donated 300 million won ($32,000).

By Lee Yong-sung

Singer Rain, singing a contract with Russell Crowe and Jennifer Lopez's US agency.

Singer Rain is going to sign a contract with Russell Crowe's agency to taking his first step to enter the US music industry. Rain's agency, Jay Tune Entertainment. Co (a.k.a Jay Tune) revealed on 11th that, "We are going to sign a cooperation contract with the world's largest agency, WMA (William Morris Agency)".

The WMA has the largest number of entertainers and the copy rights in the world and has 100 years of history of bring up the best stars in the world, including Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. At the moment, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys and Eminem are under the system of the WMA.

In addition, the WMA brought up many directors, producers, script writers and actors from various blockbuster films such as "Spiderman 3", "X men" and "Kill Bill" as well as produced and distributed many popular TV programs such as "24", "Lost" and "American Idols". The WMA acts as a leader of the global entertainment industry.

The Jay Tune is going to have an interview about this cooperation on 13th in Seoul So-Kong-dong Lotte Hotel and will be informing more about Rain's future career in the US.

Rain grabs leading role in Hollywood film (2008/02/14)

Rain, Korea's foremost entertainer recently dubbed one of the world's most beautiful people, has clinched a leading role in a Hollywood flick scheduled to begin shooting later this year, his U.S. promotion agency was quoted as saying by Yonhap News Agency.

"Ninja Assassin", to be directed by James McTeigue, will mark the first time for the 26-old singer and actor, whose real name is Jeong Ji-hoon, to play a leading role in a U.S. movie. He will make his official Hollywood debut in May with a smaller role in "Speed Racer".

"This is such a huge opportunity for me. It seems like a dream", he said at a press conference in Seoul.

Rain emerged as a worldwide star when Korea's pop culture, especially its pop music and television dramas, became hugely popular several years ago in Asia and other regions.

Riding on the "Korean Wave", known in Korea as "Hallyu", Rain was named one of the "100 Most Influential People" by Time Magazine in 2006 and one of the "100 Most Beautiful People" a year later by People Magazine.

Rain recently concluded a contract with the William Morris Agency (WMA), a New York-based talent agency that represents entertainers such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Russell Crowe.

"We're a business with a number of artists who are really international artists, and we look at Rain as the same", said John Mass, a WMA vice chief. "He's not just popular in Korea or Asia, but he's popular throughout the world".

Rain began his singing career after releasing his first solo album, " Bad Guy ", in 2002, a huge success that was followed by other popular albums. He launched his acting career when he starred in the South Korean television drama "Full House" in 2004 and the movie "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK" in 2006.

Source : + HanCinema e-news